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Science is Behind the Practice

Changing your brain changes everything.

In every class, presentation and retreat, we use scientific studies to back up the tips and techniques we teach.


We love showing how simple shifts and practices can make big differences in the brain, and when the brain changes, your life changes! 



Workshops are held throughout the year covering such topics as

  • Anger and Forgiveness

  • Gratitude as a Super Power

  • Telling a New Story

  • Opening Yourself to Love

  • Meditation Tastings

  • Carpe Covid 

And many more! These workshops are designed to provide scientifically proven techniques for opening up to Joy and Peace.


Speaking Engagements

Kelly and Melinda will come to your group meeting in person or via Zoom and can cover a large variety of topics! You are guaranteed a dynamic and fun presentation that will leave your group excited to try our suggestions at home or in the classroom!


Happily Ever Now: Telling A New Story

September 25-26, 2021

Austin, TX

We have tentatively scheduled our next retreat!! 

This will be a two-day retreat with lots of fun and easy activities to explore the stories we are telling ourselves and rewrite a new one.

More information to come!

study group.jpg



Every Tuesday at 7:30pm, we offer a free study group called The Awe Alliance, focusing on "A Course in Miracles". No previous knowledge of the Course is required. 

Videos: Easy Paths to Peace

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 11.32.24


Kelly's New Book

"BIG: the practice of joy"

is available now in Kindle and paperback!

Kelly's beloved book

"Already Here: the matter of Love,"

 is also available! 

Order one or both by clicking below!


Instagram: Find the Gift!

Join us!


Kelly Corbet and Melinda Young began their spiritual partnership almost a decade ago, and their friendship has enriched every part of their lives. As the two mindfully evolved together, it became apparent their experiences were just too exciting to keep to themselves, and Thank You for Showing Up was born!  They love to share what they’ve learned as moms, spiritual collaborators, and practicers of peace (they’re still practicing, and getting better all the time!)  


Kelly Corbet

Kelly has meditated for decades, published two mindfulness books (and three jillion articles) on the topic.  Before jumping into full-time mindfulness, Kelly ran a couple companies, including an international environmental finance and design firm, where she taught multinationals to re-think and re-engineer their old ways…


Surprisingly, as a mindfulness teacher, she does the same thing.  But now, instead of upgraded thinking about a product, she teaches individuals (even middle-schoolers!) and corporations (including plenty of lawyers) how to heighten job performance and satisfaction, how to de-stress, how to breathe…all with different, but equally impressive gains.  Because when we change HOW we think, we change EVERYTHING!


Kelly loves living in Austin, Texas with her husband-who-gardens, two hilarious teenage boys, and a couple of quite delightful rescue dogs (one of whom is actually the most mindful being she’s ever met!)

Melinda Young

Melinda is a born teacher and peacemaker. With a Masters in Education, and having served as Parent Association president at the grade school and high school level, she knows from educational AND practical experience how to enlighten and engage parents on behalf of kids.  In addition, she spent years writing a monthly parenting humor column, and still seems to find humor in even the most challenging circumstances. 


Her former post as a university Assistant Dean of Students, filled with leadership training and conflict resolution, helped teach her to look for peace in prickly situations (what great training for mindfulness work!)  She also enjoys a rich perspective of having experienced various faith traditions, and enjoys highlighting (and benefitting from) them in her work with groups of all types.


Melinda lives in Austin with her husband, darling sons, and two ridiculously cute dogs.


Ready for an Evolution?

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